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Lesser White-Fronts

Conservation activities

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Our partners

DAeC - Deutscher Aero Club (German Aero Club)

The German Aero Club, umbrella organization of airsports in Germany, has been supporting the project since 1997. Technical officer environment Dr. Wolfgang Scholze has considerably supported Christian Moullecs 1990 journey with the Lesser White-fronts from Sweden to the Lower Rhine. The DAeC also supported the founding of Aktion Zwerggans. The DAeC supports the Operation Lesser Whitefront with its specialized knowledge (flight-, law- and conservation-related), its contacts as well as information. Dr. Scholze is vice-president of Aktion Zwerggans and project coordinator of the Operation Lesser Whitefront.


Biological station in the District of Wesel (BSKW)

Biologische Station im Kreis Wesel is a regional non-profit nature conservation organisation in charge of the management of a nature conservation area of about 17000 ha and the national co-ordinator of the international goose counts in Germany. As a leading institute for geese research in Germany, the BSKW has supported and cared about the migration experiment of Christian Moullec in 1999 in terms of nature conservation. Manager of the BSKW, Dr. Johan Mooij, has considerably supported Moullecs migration flight with the Lesser Whitefronts from Sweden to the Lower Rhine. He has also taken care of re-introduced birds on Bislicher Insel after migration and helped to release them in the wild. In the board of Aktion Zwerggans, Dr. Mooij is responsible for questions of nature conservation regarding the project and is spokesman for the Lesser White-fronts project at international scientific meetings.


ibn (Institute for Biodiversity – Network e.V.)

According to the statutes of the ibn (Institut für Biodiversität – Netzwerk e.V. / Institute of Biodiversity – Network e.V.), which was founded in 1990, the main aim of the organisation is the collection, implementation and distribution of scientific knowledge for protection, restoration and sustainable as well as fairly distributed use of biological diversity.

ibn is a non-profit organisation and its members work at universities, environment offices or within the private economy sector in biological, legal or social-scientific fields on topics of biodiversity and its practical implementation.

Since 2002 ibn has been supporting Aktion Zwerggans, especially in preparing the LIFE-nature application. Since 2003, Dr. Axel Paulsch, scientific head of ibn, is a board member of Aktion Zwerggans.


Tierpark Cottbus (Zoological Garden Cottbus)

Zoological Garden Cottbus (Verein der Förderer und Freunde des Tierpark Cottbus e.V.) is supporting the project by providing it with Lesser White-fronted Geese from its own breeding stock as well as by contacting and co-ordinating the breeding activities of other Lesser White-fronted Goose breeders in Germany, the Netherlands an Belgium. Furthermore the Zoological Garden contributes its competence in artificial breeding, raising and medical care of Lesser Whitefront goslings to the Operation Lesser Whitefront. The Zoological Garden has an internationally renowned water and wetland birds collection. Zoo animal inspector Mario Wolff, among other things is responsible for the bird collection of the animal park, is an active member of Aktion Zwerggans.


Friends of the Lesser White-Fronted Goose

The Friends of the Lesser White-Fronted Goose is an organisation of people, who co-operate to protect the Lesser White-fronted Goose, which is endangered throughout the whole world. The organisation runs a breeding farm in Hämeenkoski in the South of Finland to breed Lesser White-fronted Geese. In this way, the "Friends" want to contribute to re-introduction projects for the species in their original breeding area in Fennoscandia. Their activities are co-ordinated with the Finnish and Swedish authorities as well as with the Swedish Lesser Whitefront re-introduction project.


Further partners

Lyksele Zoo
Region Västerbotton
Ornithological Society of Västerbotton
Aeroclub Danmark


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