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Lesser White-Fronts

Conservation activities

Microlight Aircraft


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Operation Lesser Whitefront (Aktion Zwerggans)

Aktion Zwerggans was founded in 2001 and has set itself the aim to help to protect the Lesser White-fronted Goose in Fennoscandia in cooperation with Fennoscandian project partners. In the scope of a four years project it is planned to lead a total of 400 young Lesser Whitefronts (100 birds a year) on save migratory routes to protected wintering grounds by help of microlight aircrafts. This way it can be avoided that birds are being shot by hunters on their traditional migratory route to Eastern regions.

The new migratory route to the West is leading them from Lapland via Sweden and Denmark to Germany's Lower Rhine region. On this route, White-fronted Geese are not hunted. The risk of accidental shooting and killing of the Lesser Whitefronts can thus be reduced considerably. In the wintering grounds at the Lower Rhine, which are managed and monitored by Biologische Station Wesel, the released Lesser Whitefronts can winter in a Special Protection Area (SPA) according the EU-Birdsdirective and will find optimal conditions to survive the winter associated with thousands of White-fronted and Bean Geese. In the follow-up spring the young Lesser Whitefronts will fly back without human help to the original breeding area in Lapland, where they learned to fly. Later, they will guide their own chicks on the same route to Germany.


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