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Lesser White-Fronts

Conservation activities

Microlight Aircraft

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The organisation: Aktion Zwerggans e.V.

Aktion Zwerggans e.V. was founded in July 2001 and is located at Herrenberg. Aim of the organisation is support of species conservation, science and research. These statute aims are achieved by project realisations and measures which serve conservation, protection and support of migratory birds as for example the endangered Lesser White-fronted Goose.

In the scope of the Operation Lesser Whitefront Aktion Zwerggans has set itself the task to cooperate with scientists and motivated species protection activists to breed and raise around 100 Lesser Whitefronts annually over a couple of years and leading them with microlight aircrafts from Lapland to safe wintering grounds at the Lower Rhine.

The idea of saving the endangered Fennoscandian Lesser White-fronted Goose population by help of microlight aircraft was born by the French amateur ornithologist Christian Moullec. In autumn 1999 he managed together with Dr. Wolfgang Scholze (technical officer environment of the German Aero Club) and Dr. Johan Mooij (head of Biologische Station Wesel) to migrate together with 30 geese from mid-Sweden to the Lower Rhine area in Germany.


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